Our History

Research has shown that when people hear about virtuous deeds, they want to be more virtuous themselves. By highlighting the noble side of human nature, we believe we can encourage people to live more positive, compassionate, and caring lives. We hope you find these stories as inspiring as we do.

The idea for Infinite Fire came from a history course taught by co-founder Robert Jones, a former high school teacher. The class was essentially a history of humanitarians from around the world. When co-founder Tony Asaro heard about the course, he encouraged Jones to turn it into a website and expand the reach of the course and its core ideas. Asaro and Jones are lucky to have an amazing group of collaborators to their mission. Thanks to them Infinite Fire has evolved over the last few years and will continue to gain momentum in the days ahead.

Our Founders

Robert Jones, Co-Executive Director, has worked as a journalist, an advertising writer, and most recently as a public high school teacher. In his 11 years of service as an educator, Jones was twice named “teacher of the year” and was known for his passionate style of teaching.

Anthony Asaro, Chairman of the Board, is a successful entrepreneur, with a proven track record of achievement in the high tech industry. Currently, he is serving as Senior Consultant and Founder of the INI Group. He is considered a thought leader on IT infrastructure, data center environments, storage systems and networks, virtualization, and disaster recovery solutions.