What is Infinite Fire?

Infinite Fire is an informational nonprofit organization dedicated to highlighting the positive side of human nature. We seek to inspire people globally by sharing information about humans (and occasionally other animals) who have done amazing things to help others.


1Cam2What do you do?

We profile great people and highlight positive news through our multimedia website. At the core of our website are creative mini-documentaries that tell the stories of remarkable humans who are helping to improve the world. The documentaries run from five to eight minutes long, allowing us to share powerful, inspiring stories in a short amount of time.

Infinite Fire also produces educational materials that can help teachers introduce these inspiring humanitarians to their students. Among the materials we have already developed are a course syllabus and an in-depth, 40-page curriculum for educators who might want to teach an entire semester-long course on global humanitarianism. Soon, we will also offer Powerpoint presentations, primary source readings, internet resources, and short Webinars on specific humanitarians.


What does “Infinite Fire” mean?
1HelpInfinite Fire refers to that powerful drive in all humans that makes us want to help others. It is the fire of empathy, sympathy, and compassion that burns in human hearts. And unlike some resources on this Earth, it is infinite. It is not used up after you help one person. It continues to be there throughout your life. It does not belong to just one person, one group, one religion, one nation, or one time period. It is truly an infinite force. It can be found throughout the world and throughout history.


How do you choose the people you profile?

At Infinite Fire, the people we choose to profile are positive human beings who have taken action to help others and make their community a better place. Some of these people are well-known humanitarians, who have accomplished extraordinary, bigger-than-life deeds. Others are ordinary, good-hearted people who are largely unknown to the world, but who have done great things for their local community. We find all of these people to be inspiring in their way and are happy to profile them all.

At Infinite Fire, we make a concerted effort to include people from diverse countries, cultures, communities, and backgrounds. It’s part of our goal to demonstrate that we ALL have the potential to do good deeds and help others – regardless of our location, circumsTrio Pictances, or origin.

While we find the people we profile to be inspiring overall, we do not intend to suggest that they are perfect. Like all of us, they are complicated, multifaceted, imperfect human beings, with their own flaws and idiosyncrasies. In many ways, we feel this actually makes them even more inspiring, as they have managed to do great things, even with their all too human imperfections.

Many of those we profile are taken directly from the course that was developed by co-founder Robert Jones. Others are suggested by friends, colleagues, and visitors to the site (see Contact page). We are always open to new suggestions and encourage our readers to submit as many names as they can.

On occasion, we will also profile animals who have done good deeds, as we believe that animals are just as capable of altruistic actions as humans are. In fact, some of the most inspiring stories we have learned about involve animals (dolphins, dogs, chimpanzees, etc) who have saved people’s lives with their quick thinking and brave action.

Where do you get your money?

All of our funding comes from three basic sources: 1) charitable donations made by individual contributors; 2) grants generously provided by private foundations; 3) support obtained through government programs.


Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, we are happy to say that ALL donations made to Infinite Fire are 100% tax deductible. The Internal Revenue Service approved Infinite Fire as a 501c3 organization – with tax-exempt status – on August 19, 2014.


Where does the money go?

All funds raised by Infinite Fire go to producing educational materials offered through the website. As an informational nonprofit, this is our top priority and the focus of everything we do. For more information on our financials, contact us via email, and we will send you a full report.


How can I get involved?

At Infinite Fire, we are always looking for help in producing materials for the website. If you are a writer, researcher, graphic artist, filmmaker, or teacher, we would love to hear from you. We are especially interested in having high school and college students produce films for the website, as we believe that producing educational materials for others is a great way to learn yourself. We also want this site to be as open and interactive as possible. Contact us and join the Infinite Fire community.